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Ever wonder what, exactly, independent filmmakers – both aspiring and established – should be reading?有没有想过,究竟是什么, - 独立制片人都渴望建立 - 应该去阅读? Look no further than The Independent 's 30 Quintessential Books for Independent Filmmakers.看看电影工作者进一步比独立的为独立30比莉哈书籍。 Here, we list the top must-owns, including Independent Feature Film Production , The Filmmaker's Handbook , Sidney Lumet's Making Movies , and From Reel to Deal .在这里,我们列出前必拥有,包括独立电影制作,电影制片人手册 ,悉尼卢曼特的电影制作 ,并从卷筒应对 。 The list is broken down into the following categories:该清单分为以下几类: Direct from the Masters 直接从美国名人赛 From the Go-Getters Who Made It 从Go的吸气剂是谁做的 The Nuts and Bolts: From Directing Actors to Navigating the Legal Terrain 螺母和螺栓演员:从导演到导航法律地形 The Eye Has It: Cinematography, Lighting & Editing 它的眼睛有:摄影,灯光及编辑 Film School in a Book: Overviews of Filmmaking 电影学院的一本书:电影制作的概述 Now What? 现在是什么? After Your Film Is Made, From Marketing to Distribution 在您的电影是由,从营销到分布

Direct from the Masters 直接从美国名人赛

1. Making Movies by Sidney Lumet 1。 制作电影的悉尼卢曼特
With 40 years of experience behind him, the legendary director of Dog Day Afternoon , Serpico and 12 Angry Men takes readers through every aspect of what makes a director a director – from working with actors to overseeing the ins-and-outs of a film set.他背后有40多年的经验,在愤怒的男子传奇主任热天午后 , 塞尔皮科和12集的读者需要通过各方面的电影导演是什么让一个从导演-演员与工作监督的程式和奏, 。 In his personal account, Lumet explains why the ideal director must have more than just one skill on a movie set.在他的个人帐户,卢曼特导演解释了为什么必须更理想的不仅仅是一个电影技巧上已设置。

2. On Directing Film by David Mamet 2。 论电影导演大卫马麦特
David Mamet is perhaps most famous for his Pulitzer Prize–winning plays, but the author, playwright and essayist was also an Oscar nominee for screenwriting ( The Verdict and Wag the Dog ).大卫马麦特也许是最次为他的著名普利策奖获得者,但作家,剧作家,散文家也是提名为奥斯卡最佳编剧奖( 判决和摇摆狗 )。 In his treatise on directing, Mamet emphasizes the idea that the director must, above all else, think visually.在他指导的论文,马梅特强调的理念,导演必须高于一切,视觉思考。

3. On Film-making: An Introduction to the Craft of the Director by Alexander Mackendrick 3。 对电影创作:介绍向署长工艺的亚历山大麦肯德里克
A screenwriter and director who received an Oscar nomination for the screenplay of his 1953 film The Man in the White Suit , Mackendrick left Hollywood after 20 years in the business to become the dean at the California Institute of the Arts.导演兼编剧谁收到的白色套装在一个奥斯卡提名的电影剧本的人 ,他1953年的电影,在好莱坞麦肯德里克经过20多年的经营,成为艺术系主任的美国加州研究所。 This volume, edited by Paul Cronin, gathers all the materials Mackendrick used in his classes, where he taught students how to tell stories through film.本卷中,保罗克罗宁,收集所有的材料麦肯德里克编辑用他的班级,在那里他教导学生如何透过影片说故事。 An especially helpful chapter: "A Technique For Having Ideas."一个特别有用的章节:“思想,是一种用于技术。”

4. Who the Devil Made It: Conversations with Legendary Film Directors by Peter Bogdanovich 4。 谁是魔鬼使:对话与传奇电影导演彼得博格达诺维奇
The title of the book comes from Bogdanovich's (director of The Last Picture Show and Paper Moon ) feeling that the best movies should signify who the devil was behind it; the hand of the director clearly visible in every frame.该书的标题来自诺维奇的( 月亮主任最后图片展示和造纸 )的感觉,最好的电影应该意味着谁是魔鬼它的背后,是看得见的手架在每个导演清楚。 Collecting 16 interviews with some of the best directors of Hollywood's "golden age," such as Alfred Hitchcock and Fritz Lang, Who The Devil Made It is a must-have handbook for any director looking for the true meaning behind style.收集黄金年龄16“采访好莱坞的一些最佳导演”,如希区柯克和弗里茨朗, 谁制造的恶魔,是一个必须有风格手册背后的真正含义任何董事寻找。

5. Kazan on Directing by Elia Kazan 5。 喀山对导演伊利亚卡赞的
Elia Kazan, the late director of such classics as A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront , shares valuable insight for any director: notes and journal entries he wrote while working on his beloved projects.伊利亚卡赞, 在海滨的晚, 在这些经典的导演欲望号街车 ,股份宝贵的洞察力为任何董事:笔记和日记条目时,他说他心爱的项目工作。 With a forward by Martin Scorsese, anyone who picks up this book can delve into the mind of a legendary director at work.随着由马丁史柯西斯,谁拿起这本书的思想深入到工作中的一个传奇导演前进。

6. My First Movie: Twenty Celebrated Directors Talk about Their First Film edited by Stephen Lowenstein 6。 我的第一部电影:电影导演庆祝20谈论他们的第一罗文斯坦主编斯蒂芬
For a new filmmaker aspiring to greatness, there is nothing like going behind the scenes and into the minds of some of the biggest names in the industry to see how they managed on their first movie.对于一个新导演的伟大抱负,但就像是在幕后,并就在该行业的一些大公司的头脑,看看他们是如何管理他们的第一部电影无关。 Lowenstein interviews filmmakers from different genres and walks of life, including the crème de la crème behind the biggest indie, foreign, and major motion pictures (such as the Coen Brothers, Pedro Almodóvar, and Oliver Stone, respectively).洛温斯坦电影制片人的采访从不同流派和不同阶层,包括有识之士背后最大的独立,外交和主要电影,如科恩兄弟,佩德罗阿尔莫多瓦(和奥利弗斯通,分别)。 The directors enthusiastically recount the joy, freedom, and terror involved with making their first film.董事热情重新计票的喜悦,自由,使他们的第一部电影与参与恐怖。

From the Go-Getters Who Made It 从Go的吸气剂是谁做的

7. Rebel without a Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player by Robert Rodriguez 7。 未经船员反抗:7000美元或者如何成为一个好莱坞球员23岁的老电影人与罗伯特罗德里格斯
With movies such as Sin City and Once Upon a Time in Mexico under his belt, Robert Rodriguez has become exactly what the title of his book states: a Hollywood player.与城市的电影,如仙和墨西哥黄飞鸿在时在他的皮带,罗伯特罗德里格斯已经成为冠军的球员正是他的书中指出:一个好莱坞。 Chronicling the time he spent working outside the Hollywood model to make his first feature film, El Mariachi , Rodriguez divulges how he made a movie on a shoe-string budget.这部电影的时候,他花了好莱坞以外的工作模式,以使他的第一部故事片, 萨尔瓦多墨西哥街头乐队 ,罗德里格斯泄露他是怎样的字符串预算电影上鞋。 Plus, the book includes the full shooting script for his film – a neat addition for the aspiring writer-director.此外,该书还收录了他的全部拍摄电影剧本 - 一个有抱负的作家,导演除了整洁。

8. How to Shoot a Feature Film for Under $10,000 (And Not Go to Jail) by Bret Stern 8。 如何拍摄到监狱故事片低于$ 10,000(不要去)由Bret斯特恩
"Cutting corners" are ugly words on a film shoot, but when the budget is tight, cutting corners might be your only choice. “剪角”是在电影拍摄丑陋的字眼,但在预算紧张时,偷工减料,可能是你唯一的选择。 While most other books on filmmaking offer readers a guide to the arts and technicalities behind a production, this read focuses on the practicalities – such as how to (cheaply) feed a crew and rent camera equipment – and the best way to keep spending to a minimum.虽然在电影制作提供读者一个指导艺术和最落后的生产技术问题的其他书籍,这个阅读的重点 - 对实际问题,如怎样(便宜)饲料船员和租金摄像设备 - 的最佳方式,以保持支出1最低限度。 Also, not many other books will breakdown how to film a sex scene.此外,没有太多其他的书会崩溃如何拍摄性场景。

9. Either You're in or You're in the Way: Two Brothers, Twelve Months, and One Filmmaking Hell-Ride to Keep a Promise to Their Father by Logan and Noah Miller 9。 要么你或你的方式:两个兄弟,12个月,和一个电影制作地狱乘保持一个承诺,他们的父亲和诺亚的洛根米勒
The Millers claim that their book is more of an adventure story about the making of their movie, Touching Home , than a technical manual, but it's a worthwhile read just to see how two people with no film experience, no financial resources, and no Hollywood connections managed to create a feature-length film – and reel in Ed Harris to play the lead (and 11 Oscar winners to fill out the cast and crew).在米勒声称,他们的书是手动的较具技术的冒险比故事对利用其,电影, 谈到家庭 ,但它是一个值得阅读只是为了看看两个人,没有电影经验,没有资金,没有好莱坞连接管理,创造一个功能长度电影 - 埃德哈里斯和卷轴发挥带头作用(11奥斯卡获奖者填写的演员和工作人员)。

The Nuts and Bolts: From Directing Actors to Navigating the Legal Terrain 螺母和螺栓演员:从导演到导航法律地形

10. The Movie Business: The Definitive Guide to the Legal and Financial Secrets of Getting Your Movie Made by Kelly Crabb 10。 电影业:权威指南获取你电影所作的法律和金融机密凯利克拉布
For anyone who wants to know the nuts and bolts of financing and distributing a film, there is simply no better book on the subject than The Movie Business , which breaks down entertainment law in a no-nonsense, easy-to-read manner to show you how to make the perfect deal.任何人谁想要知道螺母和螺栓的电影融资和分发,根本就没有这个问题的更好的书比电影业 ,打破了娱乐法在没有废话,易于阅读的方式显示你如何使完美的交易。 An essential for novices and professionals alike.一个必不可少的新手和专业人士。

11. Shaking The Money Tree, 2nd Edition: How to Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video by Morrie Warshawski 11。 动摇了金钱树,第二版:如何获得赠款和捐款的电影和录像由莫里Warshawski
For over 25 years, Morrie Warshawski has worked with filmmakers to develop unique and successful fundraising strategies.在过去的25年,莫里Warshawski一直与电影制片人,以独特的发展和成功的募款策略。 His book takes filmmakers through the practicalities of how to get grants and donations from individuals, foundations, government agencies, and corporations.他的著作是通过对实用性的电影制片人如何从个人的赠款和捐款,基金会,政府机构和企业。

12. The Independent Film Producer's Survival Guide: A Business and Legal Sourcebook by Gunnar Erickson, Mark Halloran and Harris Tulchin 12。 独立电影制片人的生存指南:商业及法律原始资料由Gunnar埃里克森,马克哈洛兰和哈里斯图利钦
Written by three experienced entertainment lawyers, The Independent Film Producer's Survival Guide is exactly what it promises: a vital guide for anyone trying to get an independent movie made.由3名经验丰富的指南娱乐律师, 独立电影制片人的生存 ,正是它的承诺:一个独立电影的重要一指南,任何人企图得到的。 Covering the biggies, such as producing and marketing, it also gets down to the nitty-gritty aspects of getting a film made, such as how to hire directors and actors, or acquire music and location rights.如涉及生产和销售巨人,它同时也获得到诸如如何聘请导演和演员,或收购音乐和地点的权利,拍成电影,在基本事实方面。

13. Directing Actors: Creating Memorable Performances for Film & Television by Judith Weston 13。 导演演员:创建和令人难忘的表演为电影电视由朱韦斯顿
A director might have a vision, but without a good subject, that vision doesn't really matter.一个导演可能有一个设想,但没有一个好的主题,这一理念其实并不重要。 Here, Weston instructs directors on how to get the best out of their actors with tips on effective communication skills and understanding the relationships on set, both of which are vital to the production.在这里,威斯顿指示如何获取有效的沟通技巧与技巧的演员的好处,并了解其设置的关系的董事,这两者都是至关重要的生产。

14. Dealmaking in the Film & Television Industry: From Negotiations to Final Contracts by Mark Litwak 14。 :公司并购中的电影与电视产业从谈判到最终合同由Mark利特域
Veteran entertainment lawyer Mark Litwak has recently updated his indispensable legal guidebook featuring checklists, sample contracts, and advice on avoiding legal traps.老牌娱乐业律师马克利特域最近更新其不可缺少的具有法律指南清单,合同样本,并避免法律陷阱意见。

The Eye Has It: Cinematography, Lighting & Editing 它的眼睛有:摄影,灯光及编辑

15. In the Blink of an Eye Revised 2nd Edition by Walter Murch 15。 闪烁的眼睛,第二版的修订由Walter默奇
A must-read for anyone with an interest in editing, In The Blink of an Eye is Murch's essay on why editing works. A必须阅读的编辑,对任何人的利益与工程闪现在一个眼睛是默奇编辑的文章的原因。 The Academy Award–winning editor and sound designer (for The English Patient and Apocalypse Now ) gives his thoughts on digital editing and looks at the meaning behind the perfect cut, human behavior, and how the blink of an eye is an emotional cue.奥斯卡奖获奖编辑和声音设计师和现代启示录 (对于英国病人 )提供的数字编辑他的思想和行为上着眼于人的意义背后的完美的剪裁,以及如何一眨眼的是一个情感线索。

16. Master Shots: 100 Advanced Camera Techniques to Get an Expensive Look on Your Low-Budget Movie by Christopher Kenworthy 16。 硕士照:100个先进照相机技术获得一个财政预算案在您看电影昂贵的低由Christopher肯沃
When you're working with a low budget, it can often times translate to the screen, but Kenworthy's book is meant to help you avoid that trap.当你与一个低预算的工作,很多时候它可以转化到屏幕上,但肯沃的书是为了帮助您避免这种陷阱。 Leaving behind the technical side of things in favor of a more creative approach, the book explains the feelings master shots are meant to convey.背后的东西留在技术方面更有创意的方法的青睐,书中介绍的感受主人是为了传达镜头。 Chock full of illustrations from well-known movies and insightful explanations.满满的插图由著名电影和精辟的解释。

17. Shot by Shot; A Practical Guide to Filmmaking (3rd Ed.) by John Cantine, Susan Howard, and Brady Lewis 17。 铅球铅球的;电影制作的实用指南(第三版)。约翰Cantine,苏珊霍华德,刘易斯和布雷迪
A thorough manual on the basics of film production, Shot by Shot is often listed on many a film class's syllabus.一个由电影制作手册铅球彻底的基本知识,往往是上市铅球许多电影类的课程。 With illustrations popping up along the way, the textbook-like must-read is neatly divided into nine chapters, covering the basics such as lighting, sound engineering, and digital editing.随着插图弹出了前进的道路上,教科书般的必读是整齐地分为9章,涵盖了基础知识,如灯光,音响工程,数字编辑。

18. The Five C's of Cinematography: Motion Picture Filming Techniques by Joseph V. Mascelli 18。 五C的的电影:电影拍摄技术由约瑟夫五马谢利
Though it was written in the '60s, and therefore bears some outdated references, Mascelli's book is a still-relevant tome to capturing the magic of cinematography with "the five C's": cutting, continuity, composition, close-ups, and camera angles.虽然写于60年代,因此负有一些过时的提述,马谢利的书是一个仍然相关书本,以捕捉与“五C的”的摄影魔术:切割,连续性,组成,特写,和摄像机角度。

19. Painting With Light by John Alton 19。 光绘画和约翰奥尔顿
Painting was written in 1949 by Alton, an Oscar-winning cinematographer and cameraman who worked on over 100 projects, many being films noir. 画写于1949年奥尔顿,奥斯卡获奖电影摄影师和摄像师谁上100多个工作项目,有很多是黑色电影。 "Painting with light," as it were, is something he knew a lot about, and the book captures his knowledge of shadows, light beams, and visual mood. “用灯光画”,因为它是,是他知道了很多有关,而且还捕捉他的影子的知识,光束和视觉情绪。

Film School in a Book: Overviews of Filmmaking 电影学院的一本书:电影制作的概述

20. Produce Your Own Damn Movie! by Lloyd Kaufman 20。 制作自己的电影该死!由劳埃德考夫曼
Founder of Troma Entertainment, the longest-running entertainment studio, Kaufman knows what he's talking about when it comes to producing your own indie movie.对Troma娱乐,最长的运行娱乐室,方正考夫曼知道他在说什么,当谈到自己的独立制作电影。 With candid interviews featuring some of the best producers working in the field, Kaufman shares funny, helpful tips on how to get your movie made.随着坦率访谈具有最好的生产商在该领域工作的一些有趣的考夫曼股,如何让你的电影了有用的提示。

21. The Reel Truth: Everything You Didn't Know You Need to Know About Making an Independent Film by Reed Martin 21。 卷轴真理:一切你不知道你需要知道如何通过一个独立电影励马丁
The book mainly reads like a big warning sign, but isn't it nice to have someone look after you every once in a while?该书主要内容就像一个大的警告标志,但不是好之后,每有一次一个人在一段时间看看吗? Martin thoroughly details the oft-scary path every filmmaker must walk down once the creative process is over and the real work begins. The Reel Truth holds invaluable advice on music rights, script theft, theater rentals, investors, and even offers tips from directors Danny Boyle and Christopher Nolan.马丁经常深入细节,每一个电影人必须可怕的道路走下去一次创作的过程已经结束,真正的工作开始了。 卷轴宝贵意见认为真理的音乐版权,剧本盗窃,剧场租金,投资者,甚至提供从丹尼董事秘诀博伊尔和克里斯托弗诺兰。

22. What They Don't Teach You at Film School: 161 Strategies For Making Your Own Movies No Matter What by Camille Landau and Tiare White 22。 他们不教书你在电影:无论什么策略让您的161不为自己的电影由卡米尔Landau和蒂亚雷白
Unlike the other how-to's on this list, White and Landau are more concerned with encouragement rather than the explanation.不像其他怎么对这个名单的,白,蓝道更关心的是鼓励而不是解释。 Not to say there isn'ta good breakdown of filming techniques, but the authors implore the reader to put down the reading materials and go out there and film.不是说现在还没有很好的拍摄技术故障,但作者恳请读者放下手中的读物,走出去和电影。

23. Independent Feature Film Production: A Complete Guide from Concept Through Distribution by Gregory Goodell 23。 独立电影制作:通过分配一个从概念完全指南由格雷戈里古德尔
The first book of its kind, Goodell's 483-page opus is the encyclopedia of how to get a film made.其首创的书,古德尔的483页的巨著,是如何获得的百科全书,拍成电影。 Though it first came out in 1982 (with the most recently updated edition in 2003), Independent Feature Film Production is still required reading for any aspiring film producer, and has been known to help seasoned filmmakers, with advocates such as David Lynch and Ridley Scott.虽然在1982年第一次来到(与2003年更新版最近), 独立电影制片产量仍然需要阅读的任何有抱负的电影,并一直被认为有助于资深制片人,与斯科特主张,如大卫林奇和里德利。

24. From Reel to Deal: Everything You Need to Create a Successful Independent Film by Dov SS Simens 24。 从卷筒应对:所有你需要创建一个成功的独立电影由党卫军多夫西门子
Of all the film schools in existence, Simens has arguably churned out the most successful filmmakers working in Hollywood today – and his film courses don't last more than two days.在所有学校中存在的电影,西门子已经可以说是最成功的生产了好莱坞电影制片人在今天的工作 - 和他的电影课程并不会持续超过两天。 Having taught the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie before they made it big, Simens takes all his self-taught (and proven) knowledge, with an emphasis on profit, and puts it into one big, invaluable book.在教导的昆汀塔伦蒂诺和盖里奇之前,他们就喜欢它的大,西门子把他所有的自学成才的(和证明)知识,对利润的重视,并放入一个大的,宝贵的书里。

25. $30 Film School: How to Write, Direct, Produce, Shoot, Edit, Distribute, Tour With, and Sell Your Own No-Budget Digital Movie by Michael W. Dean 25。 $ 30电影学院:如何写,直接,制作,拍摄,编辑,发行,巡演,和卖您没有自己的预算案数字电影的迈克尔院长
As the description for this book says, this is for those moviemakers interested in "guerrilla, no-budget, drive-by filmmaking."由于这本书介绍说,这在“游击兴趣的电影人,没有预算,是驱动器由电影制作。” Essentially giving the finger to film school, Dean shows how to fly by the seat of your pants while explaining the basics of filmmaking.从本质上给予手指电影学院院长演示如何去飞,而你的裤子座位解释电影制作的基本知识。 With a strong focus on documentaries, the book also focuses on being confident about your work.一份关于纪录片的强烈关注,该书还注重对你的工作正充满信心。

26. The Filmmaker's Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for the Digital Age by Steven Ascher and Edward Pincus 26。 制片商的手册:数字时代的综合指南由史蒂芬阿斯彻和爱德华平卡斯
Billed as an "essential," The Filmmaker's Handbook is the de facto textbook for any aspiring filmmaker.号称“基本” 的电影制片人手册是事实上对于任何有抱负的电影人的教科书。 This filmmaking bible covers everything from fundraising to distribution in easy, accessible words – perfect for a beginner (or a more experienced filmmaker who wants to brush up on the basics).这电影圣经涵盖了从募款到分布在容易,方便的话 - 一个初学者(或更有经验的导演谁愿意刷上了完善的基础)。

27. Filmmaking For Dummies by Bryan Michael Stoller 27。 傻瓜拍电影对于由Bryan Michael Stoller日前
There might be some artsy purists who won't touch anything that comes out of the Dummies book series, but it would be a shame to have a list without this book, which promises to make a filmmaker out of anyone.可能有一些走上艺术化纯粹主义者谁也不会触及任何出来的傻瓜系列丛书,但将是一个耻辱的人有没有这本书的名单,这将让出一个制片人。

Now What? 现在是什么? After Your Film Is Made, From Marketing to Distribution 在您的电影是由,从营销到分布

28. The Independent's Guide to Film Distributors 28。 独立的影片发行指南
We couldn't put together a list of the most crucial books for independent filmmakers and not include this one, published by us at Independent Media Publications.我们不能放在一起的电影制片人最重要的一个独立的图书清单, 不包括这一个,我们在独立媒体发表的刊物。 This must-read guide features the acquisition details of nearly 200 film distributors, and is an important book for any filmmaker looking for distribution to pick up.这必须阅读的引导功能,近200片商收购的细节,而且是一个让任何分布看电影制片人重要的书回升。

29. Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide by Chris Gore 29。 终极电影节生存指南由克里斯戈尔
This festival guidebook gives both practical advice on submitting to festivals and a comprehensive guidebook of festivals by name, month, and genre.这个节日手册上都提供了提交给节日和节日的名字,月综合指南切实可行的意见和流派。

30. The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook 30。 完整的独立电影营销手册
This book covers all aspects of movie marketing -- an essential (and too oft overlooked) stage of independent filmmaking.这本书涵盖了所有的电影营销方面 - 一个至关重要(太经常忽略)的独立制片阶段。 You'll learn how to get a distribution deal, garner free media coverage, stage a low-cost premiere and sell your productions through stores and the Internet.您将学习如何获得分销协议,争取自由的媒体报道,舞台低成本首演和销售商店和互联网,通过你的作品。

为你开启一扇步入独立制片、独立电影创作的门,以一条完全不同以往的路径进入中国的影视业,实现在以往绝对不可能实现的梦想…… 想要进行独立电影创作、独立制片的朋友,请与我联系



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