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他是一个简短的气质的人。 Sometimes under angry situation he can use harsh words. 有时愤怒的情况下他可以使用严厉的措辞。 At that time he doesn't care about whom he is hurting. Few days back a poor waiter lost his job because of his short temperament nature. 当时他不关心他是谁伤害。 几天以前差点失去了侍者因为他短暂的气质性工作。 Although Salman has a soft corner for poor people but under angry situation he becomes out of control. 尽管萨勒曼有一个贫困的角落但人们的软的情况下他变得愤怒失控。


Venus in twelfth house in his horoscope indicates that he is master at times to tell lie whenever there is self interest. 维纳斯在第12家在他的占星表示他有时主人告诉躺在只要有利益的关系。 Others would believe it as truth. 其他人也相信真理。 It indicates that he is fond of drinking. 它表明他是喜欢喝酒。 Saturn and Venus being together in his Horoscope make him very emotional. 土星和金星一起是在他的星座使他非常激动。 He is very sensitive and emotional. Slumdog Millionaire child actor Azhar made Salman Khan so emotional at the moment when he told him that he comes from a poor family and his dream of having a bike will always remain a dream. 他是非常敏感和情绪。 狗的百万富翁童星哈尔提出沙尔曼汗所以目前的情绪他告诉他他从一个贫穷的家庭他有一个自行车将永远是一个梦想梦想成。 At that moment Salman got shocked and he had tears in his eyes. 在那一刻萨勒曼了震惊和他在他眼中的泪光。

In Salman Khan's horoscope Jupiter is seeing twelfth house which indicates that he is benevolent by nature. 沙尔曼汗的占星木星看到第十二房子这表明他本质上是仁慈。 He is so helping and has a soft corner for poor and needy people. He wants to help poor and oppressed people in some way. 他这样帮助并为穷人和有需要的人柔软的角落。 他希望以某种方式帮助穷人和被压迫人民。 He gifted a battery operated bike to the Slumdog Millionaire child actors. 他赠送了电池供电的自行车到狗的百万富翁儿童演员。

Ninth lord in twelfth house in his horoscope makes him charitable by nature. 在第九届第十二家耶和华在他的占星使他的慈善性质。 He can spend upon charity. 他可以花后慈善机构。 If he has surplus money then he can join charitable institute and can raise fund for charitable causes. 如果他有剩余的钱他便可以参加慈善机构可为慈善事业筹集资金。
He has got his own charitable organization named as Being Human Foundations. 他有自己的慈善组织作为人权基础的名字命名。 Often he visits sick children in hospitals and also goes to donate blood. 他常常在医院探访生病的儿童也去献血。

In Salman Khan's horoscope Budh is exalted which indicates that he is prone to great tensions. 沙尔曼汗的占星 Budh是崇高的表明他很容易伟大的紧张局势。 He takes a lot of tensions and his mind is always overloaded with tensions due to some problems or planning. 他以大量的紧张局势和他的心始终与紧张关系有一些问题或规划超载。
In his horoscope jupiter is in third house which makes him brave by nature. 在他的占星木星第三房子使他勇敢的性质。 He is bold and risk taking. 他大胆和冒险精神。

In his horoscope Budh is of Vrishchik rashi which makes him extreme lover and extreme hater. 在他的占星Budh是Vrishchik赖希这使他的情人和极端的极端厌恶。 If he loves someone he loves upto great extent and if he gets hurt again and again he will have extreme hatred. 如果他爱的人他喜欢upto很大程度上如果他受到伤害他一次又一次地将有极端仇恨。
Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have been very good friends. 萨尔曼汗和Sanjay杜特都非常好的朋友。 Due to some misunderstanding between the two they are not talking to each other. 由于两者之间的一些他们不互相交谈误解。 Even Salman campaigned for all of his friends including Sanjay's sister but did not support Sanjay Dutt. 即使萨勒曼对他的朋友包括桑杰姊妹所有竞选活动但不支持桑杰杜特。 It shows that to what extent he can like and hate someone. 它表明到什么程度他可以像和仇恨的人。

In Salman Khan's horoscope Lagnesh is in own house which indicates that he is a self made person. 沙尔曼汗的占星 Lagnesh是这表明他是一个自我的人作出自己的房子。 His achievements are due to his efforts. From day one he has been a struggling actor. 他的成就是由于他的努力。 从第一天开始他一直奋斗的演员。 He never took advantage of his father's name and influence like other actors or newcomers do. 他从来没有注意到他的父亲的名字和其他演员一样或新入行的影响力优势做。 He visited producers on his own and gave auditions for roles. 他访问了自己的生产给角色试镜。

Rahu in fourth house in his horoscope indicates that sometimes he may not be straight forward and can give wrong information. 第四家Rahu在他的占星表明有时候他可能不是简单的可以提供错误的信息。 In his horoscope Ketu is in tenth house which indicates that things in his life happen suddenly including career as well. 在他的占星克图是这表明他生活中的事情发生突然包括职业以及在十家。 Things happen when he has not planned for them or has not expected them to happen. 事情发生时他还没有计划或不期望他们发生。 So, he should expect sudden changes in his career always. 因此,他应该会在其职业生涯的突然变化始终。

When it comes to his marriage life, his horoscope indicates that marriage is a late affair. 当谈到自己的婚姻生活,他的占星显示婚姻是一晚的事。 In his horoscope Saptmesh is in eleventh house which indicates that for marriage purpose his friends and family friends will be more helpful for finding a suitable match. 在他的占星Saptmesh是其中指出婚姻的目的他的朋友和家人朋友会较为找到一个合适的比赛很有帮助第十一房子。 Mars in twelfth house in his horoscope indicates that he will get help from his brother. 在第12家在他的火星星座表示他将得到帮助从他的兄弟。 His brother will be very helpful to him. 他的兄弟将有很大帮助他。

In Salman Khan's horoscope Venus is in twelfth house which indicates that he is fond of having affairs and can have love affair. 沙尔曼汗的星座金星这表明他很喜欢的婚外情并能给予的恋情在第12家。 Lagnesh with sixth lord in his horoscope indicates that there is a possibility of having long lasting love affair. He had a love affair with Aishwarya Rai which lasted for two years. 在他的占星第六领主Lagnesh表明是一种具有持久的恋情的可能性。 他与艾西瓦娅雷是历时两年的恋情。 He had affairs with Somy Ali and actress Sangeeta Bijlani also. 他与索米阿里和桑吉塔Bijlani事务的女演员还。 His recent affair is with Katrina Kaif. 他最近的事件是与卡特里娜麻醉剂。

Eleventh lord in fifth house in his horoscope indicates that he is fond of friends and friendship. 第十一届第五家在他的占星勋爵表示他是喜欢的朋友和友谊。 It is quite possible that he can do a work only if his friends will say to do that. For Salman Khan friends and friendship play an important role. 很可能他可以做的工作只有他的朋友会说这样做。 对沙尔曼汗的朋友和友谊发挥了重要作用。 He often says that friends are more closer to him than that of his family and blood relatives. 他常说朋友更接近他比他的家人和亲属的血液。 For him friendship is more valuable and he feels comfortable being with his friends. His horoscope indicates that he is fond of quite younger girls. 对他来说更为可贵的友谊他很满意他的朋友正。他的占星表明他是很年轻的女孩喜欢。

Saturn is second from Venus in Salman Khan's horoscope which indicates that he may get defame or discredit at some stage in his life. 土星是第二个来自金星在沙尔曼汗的星座表明他可能会诋毁或贬低一些在他的生活阶段。 So, he has to be careful about it. He shot a rare black antelope near Jodhpur because of that he was arrested and put behind the bars for about a week. 因此,他必须是小心从事。 他打出了罕见的因为附近的焦特布尔的他被逮捕和背后的身陷囹圄黑羚羊大约一个星期。 He was also arrested by police for hitting several homeless people by his car in Mumbai. 他还为警方逮捕击中了他在孟买的汽车几个无家可归的人。 It all brought bad name to him. 这一切都使他的恶名。

In his own words... 用他自己的话...

“For me acting comes straight from the heart. “对我采取行动直接来自心脏。 In that sense I don't act at all. 在这个意义上我没有任何行动。 I think that to feel the character's pain I have to be myself. 我认为感受到角色的痛苦我要做我自己。 Somewhere audiences see that”. 观众看到的地方。”



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