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Salman: I will cook and paint now 萨尔曼:我现在做饭 , 油漆


2010-1-30 18:45:32

Salman: I will cook and paint now 萨尔曼:我现在做饭油漆 Friday, 29 January 2010 18:17 星期五,2010年1月29日18时17

On a pleasant winter noon in Mumbai, I get ru-ba-ru with the hot Salman Khan.在孟买的一个愉快的冬天中午,我收到茹巴与热沙尔曼汗如。 Its one of the beautiful days when Salman decides to not live by his larger than life star image but play a simple being instead.它美丽的日子之一萨勒曼决定时没有他的生活比生命之星形象,扮演一个简单被代替。

Sitting in his turf, surrounded by lovely sister Alvira, gorgeous sister-in-law Malaika, and their cute-naughty-hyperactive kids, Salman Khan seems a happy man.坐在他的草坪,四周可爱的妹妹阿尔维拉,华丽的妹妹媳妇马莱卡,他们的可爱,顽皮,过动儿,沙尔曼汗似乎是一个快乐的人。 He's known to keep aloof when media is around, but today is different.他知道超脱当媒体约,今天却是不同的。 The dude doesn't seem to care about the world and resolves to have a great time, cycling with his nephews and playing with his dog - a 2 month old French Mastiff, whom he lovingly calls Veer.这家伙似乎并不关心世界和解决有一个伟大的时间,他的侄子自行车和他的狗玩- 1岁2个月的法国獒犬,被他亲切通话韦埃尔。

Salman finally takes a break from all the running around and soon after its time for lunch.萨勒曼最终需要从打破所有的跑来跑去,不久后的午饭时间。 Yummilicious aroma of home-cooked food fills the air as the tiffins and casseroles are opened one by one. Yummilicious香气的家庭熟食填充的tiffins和砂锅菜的空气是开幕式之一。 Salman gestures me to come and grab a bite and that's when we get talking over some delicious daal-chawal.萨勒曼手势我来抢占咬,这时候我们得到了一些可口的daal -查沃尔说。

Being a fitness conscious person, Salman prefers carrying ghar ka khana to his sets.作为一个健身意识的人,携带加尔萨勒曼喜欢他的家卡纳套。 While he savours the mom-made food, I ask him if there is one dish that he would not like to share with anyone.虽然他塞弗斯的妈妈制造的食品,我问他是否有一个菜,他不希望与任何人分享。 Salman takes a pause and replies, “I like to eat everything, but there is nothing that I won't share with others.”萨勒曼需要冷静一下,回答说:“我喜欢吃的一切,但并没有什么,我不会与他人分享。”

While tales of his sharing his dabba with his co-stars and film crew while shooting are famous, there's one thing that Salman secretly tells me.虽然他的故事与他共同分享他的山口明星及摄制人员,投篮命中率是著名的,有一件事是萨勒曼秘密告诉我。 “I used to cook too. “以前我做饭了。 But I haven't done it since long.但是,我没有这样做,因为长时间。 I guess I should cook something again.我想我应该做饭的东西了。 I will cook and paint now.我现在厨师和油漆。 Yes,” he lets me in.是的,“他让我进去

A fitness freak, Salman is also a regular cyclist and loves to pedal his way from home to the sets and back.一个健身怪胎,萨勒曼还经常骑单车,喜欢踏板的途中从家里到场景和背部。 Cycling is one thing that he wants the youth to take up seriously.骑自行车是一件事,他希望青年要正视。 Salman says, “There is more than one reason why people should take up cycling.萨勒曼说,“有一个以上的原因,市民应采取了骑自行车。 In Mumbai's traffic, you will reach your destination faster by a cycle than in a car.在孟买的交通,你将达到一个周期目的地快于汽车。 People go to office by bus, autos and taxi and end up spending money.人们到办公室,巴士,汽车,出租车和最终消费。 Why not cycle to work and save that money?为什么不骑自行车上班,节省钱?

“Cycling saves your time, money and very importantly our depleting resources - petrol and diesel,” says Salman and adds after a brief pause, “It also makes for a great cardio exercise and keeps you fit. “骑自行车可以节省您的时间,金钱和非常重要的是我们的资源枯竭-汽油和柴油,说:”萨勒曼,并增加了沉默片刻后,“这还为一个伟大的有氧运动,让您合适。 Not to forget, there's zero pollution!”不要忘记,还有零污染!“

A great thought and a cause, no wonder then Salman Khan's NGO, Being Human has partnered with Sport 18 and ID Sports to organize the first ever Cyclothon in Mumbai.伟大的思想和事业,难怪萨尔曼汗的非政府组织,作为人类已经与18名体育体育组织首次在孟买Cyclothon。 The event will be held on February 21st 2010, and the money raised through it will go to the NGO.这项活动将于2010年2月21日,并筹得的款项将通过它向非政府组织。

Salman also plans to introduce Being Human biking gear and t-shirts around the cyclothon and with that I just can't help but ask him about Being Human clothesline and accessories.萨勒曼还计划推出作为人类自行车齿轮和T -恤衫周围cyclothon与我刚才也不禁要问作为人的晒衣绳及配件他。 Salman's reply surprises me, “I request my fans to not buy Being Human t-shirts available in the market.萨勒曼的答复令我感到奇怪,“我要求我的球迷不要购买作为人类T恤衫在市场上。 They are a copy and not the original Being Human stuff,” Salman further explains, “What happened is that when I started wearing the t-shrits and media clicked pictures, someone copied the design.他们是一个拷贝,而不是原来作为人类的东西,“萨勒曼进一步解释说,”现在的情况是,当我开始穿的T - shrits和媒体点击图片,有人复制设计。 The money you are spending on buying those t-shirts and watches sold on the streets thinking them as a Being Human brand is not going to the needy, but is landing in the pockets of some con artist.”你的钱购买的T恤和思想作为他们作为人类街头出售的品牌手表的开支不会有需要的,但在一些骗子的口袋里降落。“

The beefy Khan prefers non-veg but is extremely fond of veg food too.喜欢的牙力汗非蔬菜,但非常的蔬菜食品太喜欢。 Being a complete foodie and a great fan of his mom's cooking, Salman does have his days of indulgence in high-calorie favourites.作为一个完整的美食家和他妈妈的烹饪大风扇,萨勒曼确实有在高热量的最爱放纵的日子。 But what follows is an extra one hour strenuous workout session in the gym.但是,以下是一个额外的一个小时在健身房锻炼艰苦的会议。 “Khao aur ghatao. “考奥尔ghatao。 Fir kuch farak nahi padta,” says the Khan who is loved and admired for his perfect physique.杉木喾法拉克纳希padta,“说谁是他的爱戴和钦佩的完美身材汗。

Now, if such a thing happened with an apparel giant, it would have raised an alarm over its losses, but Salman is calm about it all and has a plan in place already, “Now I will introduce a whole new Being Human collection.现在,如果有这样的事情发生了巨大的服装,它会提出了一个比它的亏损报警,但萨勒曼是平静的有关这一切,并制订了一项计划已,“现在我将推出一个全新的存在人类的集合。 It will take three to four months.”这将需要3至4个月。“

I ask him if seeing the copy of Being Human clothes being sold on Mumbai streets angered him.我问他是否看到了作为人的衣服被复制的孟买街头出售激怒他。 Salman flashes his sweet smile at me and shares an experience that gave him the inspiration to tackle such problems and situations in life.萨勒曼闪烁在我和他的甜蜜的微笑股的经验,给了他的灵感,应付这些问题和生活情况。 It was while shooting for 'Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' video with little kids.而这是'Phir英里苏尔凯达Tumhara'与小孩的视频拍摄。 “I learnt a very beautiful lesson from those kids. “我学会从这些孩子非常漂亮的一课。 They couldn't hear or speak, but still they were happy in life.他们听不见或说话,但他们在生活的幸福。 Aur hum chotti chotti batoon se pareshan ho jaate hain...奥尔哼chotti chotti batoon本身pareshan浩jaate海恩... Headache, fever, minor bruises and just simple difficulties and challenges in day to day life perturb us, sadden us.头痛,发烧,轻微的擦伤和只是简单的困难和挑战,在一天一天的生活打乱我们,我们痛心。 Life is about positive attitude.是生活的积极态度。 End mein sab theekh ho jaata hai...,” Salman bids me goodbye with a wonderful thought.完炒面塞巴theekh浩jaata海...,"萨勒曼出价我用一个美妙的思想告别。

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