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The actor is no stranger to confusing plots, but Inception really is a film which will have nerds debating its finer points for decades.演员是没有混淆的情节并不陌生,但初始真的是书呆子电影将有争论了几十年的细点。

The brainchild of British director Christopher Nolan - the man behind the box office megaliths Batman Begins and The Dark Knight - it is part science-fiction, part heist and part love story.英国导演克里斯托弗诺兰心血结晶 - 票房背后的巨石蝙蝠侠黑暗骑士和人 - 这是部分科幻,部分抢劫和部分的爱情故事。


Stars: Marion Cotillard plays Mal and DiCaprio plays Cobb in Inception, a high concept sci-fi with a love story at its heart明星:玛丽昂歌迪亚次马尔和迪卡普里奥扮演初始,高概念科布科幻与在其核心的爱情故事

And it's probably one of the best films - in terms of special-effects, acting and ingenious plot - for years.而这也可能是最好的电影之一 - 在特殊效果看,表演和巧妙的阴谋 - 多年。

With layer upon layer of complexity, a recent screening for critics had the audience groaning collectively as the credits began to roll.在层与复杂性,批评家最近筛选层的观众呻吟统称为信贷开始滚动起来。

They thought they had worked out the ending...他们认为他们已经制定了结束... only to wonder if they really had.只是不知道如果他们真的有。

Nolan is unquestionably onto a winner at the box office as people will want to go several times to try and work it all out again - piecing together things they might have missed first time around.诺兰到一个赢家无疑是在人们要去几次尝试一切工作起来 - 拼凑,他们可能会错过第一时间解决的事情票房。

So what's it all about?那么,这一切的呢?

Based in a future not too dissimilar from our own world, humans have created the technology to enter each other's dreams.总部设在未来不从我们自己的世界太不一样,人类创造了技术,进入对方的梦想。


     .如果他拉过工作,其背后的人会安排他被允许回家。 (Cobb is not allowed back into the US because he is wanted for murder.) (科布不允许回美国,因为他涉嫌谋杀。)

But this job is different.但是,这项工作是不同的。 He must plant an idea in someone's head through their dream world - an inception.他一定要种在别人的头上,通过他们的梦幻世界 - 一开始的想法。


'But what was immediately engaging was that this is a highly entertaining, complex thriller where anything can happen. '但立即从事的是这是一个非常有趣的,复杂的惊悚片在任何事情都有可能发生。 And at the heart of it is one man's quest to uncover a long-buried truth to get back home.而且是一个人的追求,以发现一个早已埋在地下的真理回到家在它的心脏。

'It's also completely original; I don't think anyone could say they've experienced anything like it before. '这也是完全原创的,我不认为任何人可以说他们已经经历了这样的事情之前。

'It's highly entertaining but also existential and cerebral and surreal.' '这是非常有趣,但也存在与脑和超现实的。

He admits he struggled to know how to approach his new role: 'I tried to take a very traditional approach to researching this film by reading about different dream analysis techniques and tried to pick apart what things meant in the dream world.他承认,他挣扎着要知道如何处理他的新角色:'我试图采取一个非常传统的研究方法,通过对不同的梦的分析技术,并试图阅读这部影片除了挑选什么东西在梦中意味着世界。


Why it's so confusing为什么它是如此混乱

The film is multi-layered with as many as four different but interlinking stories going on at the same time.这部电影是多与多达四个不同但相互联系会在同一时间的故事层次。

It requires more than an ordinary amount of attention but viewers are rewarded with a film that treats them as intelligent beings.它不仅需要观众的注意,但与电影,它视为他们的智慧生物奖励普通数额。

Many at the early screenings said they wanted to go back in and watch it all over again.在早期放映许多人说他们想回去,看它一遍。


Action men: Ken Watanabe and Lucas Haas feature among the stellar cast行动男性:渡边和卢卡斯哈斯功能之间的恒星投

Key to the action are the dreams within dreams; the moment where you think you have woken up but are actually still dreaming.关键的行动是梦想在梦想的时刻,你认为你已经醒了,但实际上仍然在做梦。

Even the thieves have trouble working out what is reality.即使是小偷有什么麻烦的工作是现实。 No wonder the actors said they had to pick the director's brains about what was going on.难怪演员说,他们必须选择什么回事导演的大脑。

'The key to my understanding was to sit down with Chris over several months,' says Leo. '对我的理解关键是要坐下来和克里斯,经过数月下来,'说利奥。

'This is a concept which has been locked in his mind for several years.' '这是一个已经在他头脑中锁定了数年的概念。

With a smile on his face, he adds: 'As far as how the dreams were going to work - and Chris was going to make four different states of the dream world interact with each other in a cohesive plot structure - I left that entirely up to him and did not want to get involved.'在他的脸上有了笑容,他补充说:'至于怎样的梦想将要工作 - 克里斯会提出的四个不同国家的梦想与世界互动中的每个一个有凝聚力的情节结构等 - 我离开了这完全取决于他,不想参与进来。'

Building a nightmare建立一个恶梦

Visually, and in imagination, it is as stunning as Avatar but Chris Nolan insists that he considers himself an old fashioned moviemaker, using as little computer trickery as possible, unlike the oscarwinning 3D movie, which used every gizmo going.视觉上,并在想象中,它被作为头像,但克里斯诺兰惊人的坚持,他认为自己是一个老式的制片人,用尽可能少的计算机弄虚作假不像oscarwinning 3D电影,其中利用一切机械装置去。

'I love watching my team react with a little bit of panic when I first present them with what I'm thinking,' says Chris. '我喜欢看我的团队有少许的恐慌反应,当我首先提出了什么我想告诉他们,说克里斯。

'For me it was crucial that, at every level, the world feels concrete because when we are in a dream we accept it as reality. '对我来说是至关重要的,在每个层面上,世界上混凝土,因为我们觉得在梦中,我们接受现实。 We wanted to do these for real so they feel possible.'我们希望做真正让他们感到这可能。


Special-effects: Nolan aimed to create stunts for real, rather than relying on computer wizardry, even when he needed a rotating hotel corridor特殊效果:诺兰旨在创造真正的特技表演,而不是依靠计算机巫术,甚至当他需要一个旋转的酒店走廊

There are some incredible shots of a Paris street literally folding in on itself.有一个折叠的巴黎街头字面本身的一些不可思议的球。 In fact, many of the special-effects actually took place in a former aircraft hangar in Cardington, Bedfordshire.事实上,在特殊效果,其实许多参加了在卡丁顿,飞机机库前贝德福德郡的地方。

For the the extraordinary zero-gravity scenes in a hotel, his special-effects created a 100ft long corridor which could rotate 360 degrees.对于非凡的零重力在酒店的场景,他的特别效果创造了一个100英尺长的走廊可旋转360度。

The corridor was suspended along eight massive concentric rings outside its walls and powered by two giant electric motors.沿走廊被禁赛8个庞大的外城墙同心环和两个巨大的电动马达驱动。

'I love the fact that it was not just playing in front of a green screen, as that would have been just pretend,' says actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Dom's right-hand man Arthur. '我爱的事实,它不只是在玩一个绿色的屏幕前,因为这本来只是假装,'演员约瑟夫高登说,莱维特,谁扮演DOM的得力助手阿瑟。

'The floor really was spinning out from my feet and I really was 10ft in air with nothing beneath me. '地板确实是从我的脚旋转了,我真的是在空中10英尺与下面我什么。

'I think it makes the scene more compelling because I really was off balance. '我认为这使得场景更引人注目,因为我真的是失去平衡。

'The scenes look really different to your average digitally-created film ans that's what makes it such fun to watch,' he says. '的场景看起来真的不同,你的平均数字创建的电影答那是什么使它如此有趣看,'他说。

To create a hotel bar which could tilt, the set was built on a giant seesaw, while a freight train was built on chassis of a tractor to drive through the streets of Los Angeles.要创建一个酒吧可以倾斜,集建在一个巨大的跷跷板,而货运列车上的一个内置驱动拖拉机底盘通过洛杉矶的街头。

Also beautifully imagined are the details of the new dream world.美丽的想象又是新的梦想世界的细节。 One scene shows an illicit dream den for addicts who prefer their fantasy lives to reality.一个场景是一对吸毒成瘾者谁喜欢自己的幻想与现实生活的非法梦想巢穴。

And for all its action - and there is plenty of action - at its heart is Cobb's surprisingly touching back-story.和所有的行动 - 有大量的行动是在其核心 - 是Cobb的惊人感人后台的故事。

He, too, is addicted to his dreams as they are the only place he can see his dead wife, Mal, played by La Vie En Rose star Marion Cotillard.他也痴迷于他的梦想是因为它们是唯一的地方,他可以看到他死去的妻子,马累,由玫瑰人生明星玛丽昂歌迪亚的角色。

'My character is an addict, addicted to his alternative reality,' says Leo. '我的性格是成瘾,沉迷于他的替代现实,'说利奥。

The stars星星

Making up the heist team is an extraordinary mix of characters.制作了抢劫的团队是一个非凡的人物组合。

Up and coming British actor Tom Hardy plays the master-forger Eames who can impersonate anyone he wants in the dream world to aid the heist.行动和未来的英国演员汤姆哈代次的主伪造埃姆斯谁可以模拟人的梦想,他希望在世界援助的抢劫。

The actor admits he used many of the mannerisms of Chris for his role as an eccentric Brit.演员承认,他用他作为一个英国人的作用古怪的举止,克里斯多。

Juno actress Ellen Page plays Ariadne, the architect of the dreams which have been specially synthesised to make the heist gang's target, heir Robert Fischer (played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy), believe that they are real.朱诺演员艾伦页次阿里阿德涅,对已合成,使专门抢劫团伙的目标梦想建筑师,继承人罗伯特菲舍尔(由爱尔兰演员Cillian墨菲饰),认为他们是真实的。 Chemist Yusuf, (Dileep Rao) and money man Saito, (Ken Watanabe) complete the team.化学家优素福(迪利普饶)齐藤和金钱的人,(渡边谦)的完整的团队。

Michael Caine has a small role - as he has done in three of Chris's other big movies (the two Batmans and The Prestige) - playing Leonardo's father-in-law.迈克尔凯恩有一个小角色 - 因为他已经做了三个克里斯的其他大型电影(两个巴特曼斯和信誉)莱昂纳多扮演的公公 - 。

'As Michael says, he is our good luck charm,' says co-producer Emma Thomas who also happens to be married to Chris. '正如迈克尔说,他是我们的好运气的魅力,'说,联合制作埃玛托马斯谁也恰好是结婚的克里斯。

'I don't think we could make a film without him at this point.' '我不认为我们可以在这一点上没有他的电影。

No regrets...没有遗憾...

Happy accident: Marion Cotillard played Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose, and Piaf's song Je Ne Regrette Rien appears in the film快乐事故:玛丽昂歌迪亚扮演玫瑰人生伊迪丝琵雅芙,和皮亚芙的歌济氖Regrette璃园出现在影片中

The Edith Piaf song Je Ne Regrette Rien features in the film but Chris says people should not read too much into it.伊迪丝琵雅芙的歌曲济氖Regrette璃园特色的电影,但克里斯说,人们不应该把它解读太多。

'The song has been in the script for ten years,' he says. '这首歌已经在10年的剧本被'他说。

'When Marion (who played Piaf in an Oscar winning biopic) came on board I thought about taking it out but I liked the idea of the connection. '当马里昂(谁扮演一个奥斯卡获奖传记片皮亚芙)船上来我想过了,但我服用,喜欢连接的想法。 I don't know why I chose that song.我不知道为什么我选择了这首歌。 I just wanted one with a very distinctive opening.'我只是想用一个非常独特的开放1。

The jailbird brother哥哥的累犯   Chris and his younger brother Jonah, a Hollywood screenwriter, are film hot-shots but their big brother Matthew is currently in jail accused of murder, fraud and attempting an audacious prison break.克里斯和他的弟弟乔纳,好莱坞编剧,电影是热枪,但他们的大哥哥马修是在监狱目前被控谋杀,欺诈和一个大胆的越狱企图。

Matthew, 41, is accused by authorities in Costa Rica of kidnapping and murdering businessman Robert Cohen.马修,41岁,哥斯达黎加当局指控绑架和谋杀哥斯达黎加商人罗伯特科恩。 They also claim he wrote false cheques and used a fake British passport.他们还声称,他说假支票,并使用了伪造的英国护照。

He is currently in jail in Chicago, extradition to Costa Rica.他目前在芝加哥的监狱,被引渡到哥斯达黎加。

But while in the notorious Metropolitan Correctional Center, a search of his cell is said to have discovered everything he needed for an escape, including '31ft of improvised rope, which had been braided together from bedding, a makeshift harness and a metal clip of a pen cap, which Nolan manipulated to make a handcuff key'.但是,在臭名昭著的大都会惩教中心,对他的小区搜索,据说已发现的一切,他需要一个逃生,其中包括'31ft的即兴绳,编织了一道从床上用品,一个临时利用和一个金属夹子笔套,其中诺兰操纵作出手铐钥匙'。

He was also said to have had a razor blade hidden in a bar of soap他还表示,能有一个刀片在一块肥皂隐藏

All around the world世界各地

Filming took place in Tokyo, Bedfordshire and London, Paris, Tangiers, Los Angeles and Calgary in Canada.拍摄了在东京举行,贝德福德郡和伦敦,巴黎,丹吉尔,洛杉矶和加拿大的卡尔加里。

It was so cold on Fortress Mountain in Calgary, where icy action scenes were shot, that set-builders had to bring in special heaters to stop their paint freezing up as soon as it left the tin.它是如此寒冷的卡尔加里,在冰冷的动作场面被枪杀,在城山的设置建设者带来了特殊加热器停止冻结了他们的油漆只要它离开了锡。

• Inception is released in cinemas today. •成立是在电影院今日公布。

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